Get $500 upfront for template created for AbanteCart and still earn more! Featured

  • Tuesday, 28 April 2015 00:00
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If you are template designer and developer you can earn extra monthly income risk free. We pay for your work and you still earn monthly commissions for selling your template in our marketplace. Qualified developers will get $500 for each template created. If you are interested, hurry and submit your profile for approval, as this offer is limited. This offer is only for first 10 approved template developers and expires May 31, 2015.

Basic Rules.

  • Developer needs to qualify and get approval from AbnateCart first as this offer is limited
  • Template submitted is subject for review and approval before you get paid. See all the rules below
  • Design and code should be of high quality craftsmanship and comply with web technology standards.
  • Template design and images used in the template need to be free from any copyrights violations.
  • Template coding needs to qualify with standard AbanteCart extension development guide. Free of defects and bugs.
  • Template needs to be responsive to mobile interfaces and tables and support major browsers.
  • Template package needs to include basic help for installation and modifications if supported by template.
  • Template extension needs to be submitted to AbanteCart marketplace for review to start.
  • As AbanteCart pays for template development upfront (before sales), we need to recoup this cost. For this reason, initial commissions for sales will be 50%. Commissions will be set to normal once sales of given extension reaches $1000.
  • Developer will be responsible for providing help to customers who purchased their template. Failure to provide basic support and bug fixes to customer may result extension removal from marketplace and loss of ownership rights if AbanteCart did not recouped the cost yet.

If are to creating another web design masterpiece and get awarded for your creativity and hard work, contact us and qualify for this program. Hurry as this offer is limited for 10 first developers.

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